Monday, October 1, 2012

Etsy Finds of the Day: vintage raincoats

It's getting cold and rainy, and if you don't already have a cute raincoat, you should get a fun vintage one.

$52 Vintage tan raincoat with hood
I love the integrated hood on this one and how it isn't separate but in line with the lapels. Very elegant!

$68 Vintage floral raincoat
This print kind of reminds me of a couch, but it is cheerful and fun.

$30 Red and white polka dot raincoat
It's opaque, not transparent like I first through, but it is bright and peppy.

$131 Leopard print raincoat
Even though this is from the 1990s and not the 60s, I think this is the raincoat that Joan from Mad Men would have worn.

$180 Clear poppy raincoat
The clear vinyl has a few poppies printed on the front and is really modern looking. I like the idea of a see-through coat. It automatically goes with what you are wearing no matter what it is, because it IS what you are wearing!

$32 Translucent polka dot raincoat
This one isn't as clear as the poppy one, but you can still see through it and that's neat.
It even comes with one of those matching triangle head scarf things instead of a hood!

$59 Reversible printed raincoat
Chevrons are in and neon is in, so what are you waiting for? It's a little crazy, but it will cheer you (and everyone who sees you) up on a gray day.

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