Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review of Joe Fresh nail polish

It totally sucks.

Today I went into Joe Fresh to see if they had any cute new fall looks (not really except for these black and white heels), and decided to try out the tester polishes.

There are a ton of colors to choose from, including pretty ones like hunter, cement, and navy and denim which were almost indistinguishable.
I tried on the eggplant (dark purple gray brown) and the dove (medium gray brown).
The colors I tried on are not on their website now.

Both of them come with what is possibly the worst brush I have ever used.
The brush is short and rough and inflexible.
The fibers are really stiff and blunt which means that as you paint polish on your nail and overlap a spot to get full coverage, the brush actually pulls up a streak of color you just put down. So annoying!

I am pretty adept at handling different brushes and textures of polish, but the Joe Fresh brushes and polish were so hard to work with that I gave up on getting an even finish.
The polish itself is not dense with color and is more gel-like and thin than I wanted. This also leads to streaks.

Also, it stays wet forevvvvvver.

Both my nails got nicked and look terrible. Now over 2 hours later they still feel not dry, and if I tried to dent one I am sure I could. Oh wait, I just scraped it by accident and it is totally ruined now.

The 3 for $10 deal might seem like a good deal and the colors might look cute, but trust me and save your money and time for Sally Hansen or Essie.

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