Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sleeper loveseats under $500 for Carrie

Carrie is looking for a loveseat or chair that folds out to a mattress for guests.
She doesn't want to spend much, and for some reason also doesn't want something insanely ugly or used with bedbugs in it.

Here are some options I found for her:

$479 Cardini Uno black chair
The back of this chair folds out
$199.99 kmart Elite Mali flex fold down futon
This is seafoam on top and brown on the bottom, and also comes in an orange-ish combination.

$251 DHP fold out chair
The cushions unfold and lie flat on the ground (not as elegant as a more raised solution, maybe)

$329.99 Princeton Microsuede sleeper chair
Looks like a comfortable chair

$293 Klik Klak adjustable loveseat
This one might be my favorite for the classic lines

Open in new window(me-orlandos)
These both look like good purchases

Intermission - Mocha Chair and 1/2 w/ Sleeper 7260337
Looks very comfortable and classic

Cooper Brown Pu Ottoman W/Twin Sleeper Set 15338 Set By Acme ACM-15338 SET
This one doesn't seem to take up a lot of room or be too clunky

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  1. Hey, great list ! For furniture lovers - just saw Ante Furniture and Lighting opening another store


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