Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fancy gifts from Neiman Marcus

Yay! The crazy expensive gift guides from Neiman Marcus are out!

Here is what you should be getting your loved ones this year. Because otherwise you clearly don't care about them at all!

$170 Magic cube keyboard
Oh, you type on a physical keyboard? How retro.
Mine is made of light.

$175 Cufflink box
Guys! How do you keep your many many cuff links organized?
You don't? Seriously? WTF is wrong with you?
Also, guess how many cufflinks come in this $$$ box?
If you guessed 0, you'd be correct.

$1,495 Stourbridge Quilted jacket
I looove this jacket. It's quilted but slim and has motorcycle styling.
I also could probably love that guy who is modeling it. Heeeyyy, how you doin?

$3,550 Loro Piana cashmere robe
Looks like a normal bathrobe, but costs more than 2 or 3 months rent.
But maybe you could live in it instead of your apartment? Then it would be worth it.

$1,900 Roberto Coin dragon paperweight
You think you're too fancy to shove your papers under the keyboard like the rest of us?

$795 Baby Quasar MD
I have no idea. Ask a Trump or something.

$1,090,000 His and Hers watches Van Cleef and Arpels
This is worth it because uhhhhh they tell time.

$100,000 Luxury hen house
Oh America. I see we have clearly gotten far enough past the housing bust and sympathy for poor people with underwater mortgages to have re-entered the realm of buying pretty things for our animals that cost more than 2 average Americans make in a year.

$99,500 Jet pack
There is no way I would be a multi-millionaire and not own this. I'd probably buy this before getting a car.

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