Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review of Motorola DECT 6.0 Cordless pHone with Wireless headset

Short version: Meh.

Motorola Dect 6.0 Two-Headset/Cordless Phone Combo w/ TAD MRAL903C
$99 Motorola DECT 6.0 Digital cordless phone and headset

As many of you know, I started working from home full time.
Among other fun things such as never brushing my hair, this has meant that I needed to get a landline.
After the line was installed, I hemmed and hawed about which physical phone to get.
I wanted a cordless phone that I could walk around with, and I wanted one with a headset so I could type with both hands while I talked on it and not piss people off with my clicking.

I looked at a few different options and this one was rated pretty well by users and was cheaper than any others on

So now I have had it for about a week and I am not that happy, but not miserable enough to return it.


  • it does look like the picture above
  • it is very small so it isn't taking up tons of room on my desk
  • the parts work and it wasn't hard to set up


  • the sound mostly sucks--on the cordless or the bluetooth people say I sound too quiet
  • the cordless phone feels too light and flimsy
  • the button on the bluetooth is too easy to press while putting it in your ear or getting it untangled from your hair, so I've accidentally hung up on people
  • the ear wrap thing isn't very comfortable and I don't understand how people with hair use them

If you are looking for a phone, I'd say go with something else. The earpiece didn't turn out to be worth it in this case, and if I was doing it again, I'd get a cool vintage phone with real heft and a handset the right size to shove between my ear and my shoulder.

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