Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stupid shit from SkyMall

I've been traveling a lot for work recently, and you know what that means....SKYMALL!!
Someone out there knows that people get drunker on planes than on the ground and that drunk people make hilaaaarious purchasing decisions, and smartly invented SkyMall.

Here are some items that almost seem like a good idea while you are in the air:

$69 Metal ice chest
Holds 15 quarts and looks cool with the diamond grid pattern. But then you're like whoa it's $70 box wtf

$1,799 Solo Wheel
So here is what I think the pitch is:
Have you ever wanted a unicycle but worried that it wasn't lame enough? Wish your Segway could be even weirder? We made this just for you!!!!!!!

$24.99 Paper log maker
You use this to squish paper together to make it into a log for your fireplace. Wayyyyy easier than getting wood.

$99.99 Cherry watch holder
Do you have this many watches? How many wrists do you have?

$39.99 Wireless road mouse
It's a little car, but it's a mouse for your computer!
Kinda cute, but couldn't you just take the bottom off a hotwheels car and glue it to a mouse for a whole lot cheaper?

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