Friday, June 1, 2012

Swimsuit trend: mesh panels

Look out for this coming to the bathing suit department near you: mesh panels in swimsuits.
You heard it here first, I think this is going to be a big trend this and next summer.

When done correctly, a little bit of mesh can be provocative and suggestive but not slutty or cheap.
Small slits of mesh? Yes
A mesh tee shirt that your nipples stick through on your college professor (my sister experienced this!)? No.
Mesh on the stomach or sides? Sure.
Mesh on the crotch? Aw hell naw.

Here are some designs that pass my not-trashy test:

$69.98 INC International mesh cutout one piece
Blue is a fun color and the triangular shape and diagonal lines of the cutouts are flattering and give you a waist.

$31 ASOS mesh panel swimsuit
Cutouts and mesh and halter, oh my!
Sexytown. Just on the verge of being something that might be better suited to a strip club, but classy enough to be worn at the beach.

$59.50 Kenneth Cole mesh stripe one piece
Mesh stripes on the midriff call attention to toned abs, or not toned abs. So get them toned if you want to wear this.

$150 Miracle Suit Jenna one piece
One shoulder swimsuits are so elegant and almost formal looking. The draped mesh on this one makes you look like a Grecian goddess. Possibly one that is trying to hide her C section scar and her fupa, but still. Goddess.

$125 Lucas Hugh racer mesh suit
I just LOVE it when two trends combine. This has the geometric Aztec look of the tribal patterns now, and the mesh panels. If only it were neon!

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