Monday, June 25, 2012

A note about comments on this blog

I have comments open on the blog, but they have to go through my approval first which means that sometimes it takes a while before I get to it.
Doesn't mean I am not publishing your comment on purpose!

I don't publish comments that are:
-shills for other companies
-rude to me

I do publish comments that:
-disagree in a polite way
-add to conversation
-are from the seller of the item

For instance, my post about the snowboard side table on Etsy seems to have gotten a lot of feedback.
The seller, Grant from Iron Alterations, wrote a smart, great comment that I published in which he corrects me about my assumptions on how the item was made.

However, comments like the gem I got about how I must be "a woman scorned" are not really going to get very far.

Thanks for understanding and feel free to not read my blog if you don't like it or me!

1 comment:

  1. Good rules for a great blog! Keep posting your cool finds :)


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