Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boot storage from Target

Summer is here, almost, despite the cool recent temperatures and rain.

I bet a lot of you, like me, are cycling out your winter shoes and making way for summer ones. No?
You mean you don't have so many shoes that you have to rotate them? Whatev.

Anyway, boots are a giant pain in the ass because they are always flopping over and not straight and creasing in weird places because you've left them like that too long.
Also they take up a TON of room and you can't stack them or anything.
Also, you keep buying more of them.

I would try this boot system thing, though it only holds a max of 9 pr, which isn't really enough. Do I sound crazy when I say that?

At least with this organizer, your boots stand up and then you can put more stuff on top of the top shelf, too. Like other boots.
$47.99 Household Essentials Transform boot storage

The shelves are adjustable so you can fit them to the height of your boots.

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