Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 Maxi dresses that I actually like

I've said before that I am not a big maxi dress person, but I am starting to get used to seeing them around and I am accepting that some of them are pretty and can be worn by short curvy girls like me.

Here are 6 from Modcloth that I like:
$80 Beach royalty dress
The central print is large and non-repeating, which makes this non-frumpy and draws attention to the waist.

$100 Come on dune dress
The neckline here is a little Star Trek, but hey, some people like that. I like the chevrons on the bottom and how the vertical stripes minimize hips.

$148 Garden party maxi dress
I like the straps coming in to form a V at the bust, and the little pleats. This color would make me look ill and horrible, but it would be great on blondes or darker skinned ladies.

$70 On bonfire dress
This one looks really comfortable and forgiving, if say, you eat a giant meal.
It would also be good for sunburns because it hardly touches your body. And it's red so you would look un-red in comparison.

$60 Miracle max dress
The unevenly spaced chevron pattern on this is cool. It looks very floaty.

$50 Woodblock artist print dress
The skinny straps and V neck make your boobs look good.

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