Friday, June 8, 2012

Etsy: has it become to fake or offensive to you?

My internet friend Orange Swan wrote a great post about Etsy and its policy problems.

She points out the irresponsible and overly permissive and downright wrong ways that Etsy has been treating some of its sellers and users, and gives summaries and links about some of the scandals.
And you probably already know about the scammers on Etsy who import cheap stuff from 3rd world countries and sell them as their own handmade goods.

Considering all the problems with Etsy, do you still want to shop there?
Personally, I do. Despite its crappy policies, Etsy has provided a platform for a lot of crafters who otherwise would not have ever created a website or gotten sales.
To me, it is a process to wade through the garbage and find the gems, but the process is still worth it.

I do hope Etsy takes Orange Swan's advice and opens up a reseller shop where these people can do business out in the open and not confuse shoppers who only want real handmade items. Reselling should not be a shameful secret; it's a legitimate business and people should be proud to discover great products and want to expose them to a larger audience.

For other people, it may not be worth it to shop at Etsy anymore considering the company's behavior. You might want to take your dollars elsewhere, for instance to ArtFire which seems to have better policies.

I'll be checking out some ArtFire sellers soon and I might add a section on "ArtFire find of the day" if I find enough good items!

What do you guys think?

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