Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Etsy Finds of the Day: Kaftans by Singing Slowly


Etsy seller Singing Slowly has amazing dresses and caftans in colorful prints.
They're made from floral printed cotton and they're really cheap too!

They look so comfortable.
If I ever move to the beach, or quit working altogether, or get pregnant, or get allergic to close fitting clothing, these are what I would live in every day.

BTW, do you spell it caftan or kaftan?
Both are correct. I use a C usually but the seller uses a K so I will do that here.

My picks:

$36 Morocco print caftan
I like the ombre effect of the dense color at the bottom and light color on top.

$37 Desert rose long kaftan
Never in my life have I stood like that. Maybe your arm just goes into weird positions when you buy a kaftan? I should own one and find out.

$36 Clematis print long dress
A great beach cover up or brunch outfit.

 $37 Juniper long kaftan
They make such a nice shape when you belt them.

$35 Floral sprays short dress
Wear this with strappy espadrilles.

$33 Lanai print short kaftan
This one has more saturated colors and is probably less sheer.

$45 Alpine print kaftan
Doesn't this picture make you want a croissant? I think that is what it is missing.

$35 Kauai button front short kaftan
Guys, I like all of these.

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