Monday, June 11, 2012

Etsy finds of the day: Alteratives to fanny packs

ConsciouslyAltered is an Etsy shop out of Canada that sells hats, clothing, and bags made from upcycled materials.

I really like their "leg bags" and waist and pocket bags. They are utilitarian, non-embarrassing, and hands-free.

As much as I like my purses and satchels and totes, sometimes I just don't want to hold anything, and cross-body bags can smack you as you walk. These non-fanny packs are really useful.

$65 Unisex beige leg bag
So you strap that long part around your waist and the smaller one around your leg.
Instant cargo pants.
Maybe this pic will help you understand:

$98 Dyed brown canvas leg belt
This one is a little earthier.

$60 Gray pocket belt
This design is a little different and adds back or side pockets to any outfit.

$67 Earthworker utility apron
This has pockets in the front an on the sides and can go over pants or a dress or skirt.

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