Wednesday, June 13, 2012

White watches from DealExtreme

I am a fan of white watches for women and men, especially in the summer.
They look fresh and help you look more tan in contrast.
Here are a bunch I found on DealExtreme, which has a ton of styles and super cheap prices.

My picks:

$29.99 Mirus white ceramic watch
This one is waterproof and has a gold tone dial.

$8 Stainless steel multi dial watch
The concentric dials spin on this one, I like the design.

$4.80 Symbols white watch
I don't really understand what is going on with these symbols (are they another language? are they corporate logos I dont know about?) but I think it's need.

$5.50 White stainless watch
This one is simple and easy to read.

$4.90 White simple point watch
Minimalist design with just 2 dots.

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