Monday, April 1, 2013

1920s party outfit from Asos

So I already looked and found some stuff on Etsy, but of course I forgot to actually order anything, and now I still need an outfit.
Maybe Asos will save me?


Image 1 of Frock and Frill Deco Sequin Shift Dress
$211.94 Frill and Frock deco Sequin shift dress
I love the scallops and the embellishments on this dress, but it's kind of pricey.

Image 1 of TFNC Deco Embellished Dress with Drop Waist
$69.52 TFNC sequin scallop dress
This price is a lot better!
But the shape is more modern and less drop-waist, and the skirt looks super short.
It's also available in turquoise or coral for more money.

Image 1 of Warehouse Deco Embellished Dress
$77.15 Warehouse Deco dress
This dress has the embellishments and the looseness but not quite the right shape or pattern. It's a good modern update though, and one I would wear again after this party.
Image 1 of Pretty Vacant Drop Waist Dress With Scallop Collar
$47.47 Pretty Vacant drop waist scallop collar dress
This one has the drop waist thing going on but looks a little too modern I think

Image 1 of Ted Baker Embellished Flapper Dress
$214.46 Ted Baker flapper dress
The scallops and length are good, but I can't tell if it would look better or worse on me than the model, who I don't think looks very good in it.

Image 1 of Lydia Bright Shift Dress in Embellished Deco Style
$124.63 Lydia Bright Shift Deco dress
This dress has great scalloped design done in small faux pearls and has a great scoop neck and good length. I wish it were under $100 and I would snap it up!

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Dress With Deco Embellishment
$64.01 Deco embellished black dress
For the plus sized woman who likes the deco style dresses.


Image 1 of Warehouse Deco Beaded Top
$64.64 Warehouse deco top
I love the sheerness of this, and the lines and glitz are perfectly deco.

Image 1 of A Wear Art Deco Sequin Top
$58.19 Art deco sequin top
Sleeveless and drapey with silver beads that look like long liquid panels

Image 1 of Lipsy Deco Embellished Tank
$66.50 Lipsy sequin deco top
Light pink chiffon with embroidered and sequined deco lines

Image 1 of Lipsy Deco Sequin Top
$45.56 Lipsy sheer deco top
This one is a little slutty as shown, but I bet it would be nice with a plain black scoop tank under it.

Image 1 of Lipsy Deco Embellished Top
$74.81 Lipsy embellished tee top
Some more arm coverage for non-shoulder baring ladies.


Image 1 of ASOS Flapper Hair Band
$24.95 Flapper headband
How awesome is this? Love it! Looks great with bangs, which I don't have.
There is also one with a flower shape in the middle.

Image 1 of ASOS Disc Crown Head Band
$9.95 crown disc headband
Very Nicole Richie, no?

Image 1 of ASOS Swinging Chandelier Earring
$24.94 Swinging chandelier earrings
These are actually huge in real life, but the chain and starburst look Deco-y to me

Image 1 of ASOS Lion Stone Cocktail Ring
$16.63 Lion stone cocktail ring
A perfect giant cocktail ring to top off the outfit.

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