Friday, March 29, 2013

4 Platform Wedge Sandals for Spring on sale at Target

Target has a bunch of cute shoes on sale right now, some appropriate for spring and summer.

Here are my 4 favorites:

Women's Tallulah Blue Madelon Wedge - Assorted Colors  
$17.48 Tallulah Blue Madison sandal (was $34.99)
The alternating colors on the espadrille wedge are cute, and a good match with the orange color of the toe. They also come with a yellow toe but I like this better.

Womens Merona® Elpida Cross-Strap Wedge Sandal - Assorted
$12.48 Merona Elpida Cross strap sandal (was $24.99)

These are great neutral shoes with a wearable wedge heel.

Women's Tallulah Blue Saville Open Toe Wedge - Assorted Colors
$18.48 Tallulah Blue Saville open toe sandal (was $37.99)
The rivets and python print and striped wedge are a lot of detail, but the whole shoe doesn't come off as too busy. These look HIGH.

Women's Mossimo® Phyla Wedge - Assorted Colors
$14.98 Mossimo Phyla wedge sandal (was $29.99)
You can't quite tell in this picture, but that darker blue part of the wedge isn't a decoration, it's a hole that goes all the way through!
As I've mentioned before, I love that.
These are pretty great, and come in a bunch of colors like blue, cognac, orange, and white. I like the blue and white best.

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