Friday, March 8, 2013

Fancy Wooden Pens

I've always loved pens, and for a while growing up I was obsessed with wooden pens.
Especially wooden fountain pens. I had all sorts of inks to refill my pen with and I loved the feel of writing with one.

Sadly I have no idea where that original wooden fountain pen is now, but I just saw these awesome ones on (they also come in ballpoint or pencils if you are afraid of fountain pens leaking or something).

If enough people join with this link, I get some credit someday I think.

The pens are from a company called Allegory pens which makes them out of reclaimed wood.
They mix different woods together so the designs are more interesting and pretty than the plain wooden one I used to have.

Anyway, here are the cool pens:

$114 Cap fountain pen (was $127)
The blond wood and cool swoosh are very modern looking.

$112 Dignitary fountain pen (was $125)
The round striped body makes it look like a bee!

$74 Afficionado rollerball pen (was $85)
I like the belted waist of this pen and the rings near the nib.

$80 Click pencil dark (was $89)
Much better than your plastic bic with a neon clip

What's your fav? I think I like the Afficionado style the best.

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