Monday, March 11, 2013

Shabby Apple cotton dresses on sale at zulily

Shabby Apple is a great online store that sells dresses for grown-ups. And by that I don't mean sexy dresses or grandma boring dresses. I mean dresses that people can actually wear and look pretty in and not be worried about wardrobe malfuctions and accidentally flashing people.

So refreshing that their dresses are actually LONG ENOUGH after so many shorty short things at F21 or Asos or Nastygal.

Shabby Apple dresses normally run around $100 which is decent for what you are getting, but why not grab them on sale right now at this link for a lot less?

Click this link to get invited through me (then I get a credit if/when you order something which would make me happy!)

Here are my favorites on sale now:

$34.99 Navy Bethesda fountain dress (was $88)
This would be a great dress to wear to a work dinner. I like that it comes with its own embellishment (the bow) so you don't have to add a necklace or belt or anything. You can just put this on and be done. Maybe some earrings.

$54.99 Red Wrap dress (was $109)
This dress is all-cotton, which I love. I am so sick of polyester or acrylic or rayon dresses.
The style is classic and it would be great to wear to brunch or to a picnic or just whenever.

$49.99 Blue shirt dress (was $88)
The sleeve length on this dress is perfect- it covers enough to wear to work or out at night when it might get chilly, but isn't too long so that it looks matronly.
It would look great belted, too.

$44.99 Olive sequoia dress (was $92)
The embellishment at the neck and shoulders and the cinched waist on this dress make it great for people who want to balance out wide hips. It draws the attention upward and makes your shoulders look stronger, and minimizes the butt region.
Also it is olive, but can take the place of an LBD.

$49.99 White dress (was $89)
This dress looks crisp and clean, and the pleating and bow look young and fresh.
It also comes in a yellow color with white accents but I think that draws too much attention to the bow.

$32.99 Da Vinci dress (was $56)
A jersey dress with a kangaroo pocket to wear on weekend or planes (with leggings). Super easy and great to have around.

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