Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pretty shapeware from Mission Control on sale at zulily

Mission Control is a brand of shapewear that actually looks nice and not spanx-ish.
They also have camisoles and sleep shorts.

Now at zulily their stuff is on sale for what I think are really good deals.
Click this link to get invited through me (then I get a credit if/when you order something which would make me happy!)

Here are my picks:

$48.99 Mission Control black ethereal cupped slip (normally $118)
The panels and black/pink contrast make this look nice even when you don't have something under it.
Remember the slip dress craze in the early 90s?
I do. And this makes me want to bring it back. Unless it's totally see through I guess.

$19.99 Mission Control black body suit (normally $72)
I wish this was a bathing suit. Maybe I could wear it as one. I love the double black stripe on the bottom. One thing that is a little annoying about the zulily site is that they don't have multiple views so I can't see what the back of this looks like. I guess I could google it and look on the real Mission Control site, but come on who has time for that crap?

$32.99 Mission Control Farr West black lace slip (normally $76)
I just think this is pretty.

$32.99 Mission Control black ethereal half slip (normally $78)
This is perfect for clingy pencil skirts that might be thin material and show underwear lines.

$20.99 Mission Control Farr West spanish lace bloomers (normally $40)
Super cute under a skirt that tends to fly up in the subway gusts on the stairs.

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