Friday, April 5, 2013

3 Art Deco tops from Forever 21

Still on the hunt you ask?
Why yes I am!

These tops from F21 might fit the bill, and plus they are cute and versatile enough for wearing after a theme party too.

But what to wear on the bottom? A long black skirt maybe?

$17.80 Cutout 3/4 sleeve top
I like the blousy fit and the cool cut out neckline on this.
The cinched waist might not be the most flattering, but worth a try

$17.80 Rhinestone shoulder georgette top
This top has pretty studded lines of rhinestones going down over the shoulders and is a loose, boxy fit. Also comes in white.

$22.80 Sequined zigzag top
Bronze zig zags cross this shirt horizontally, obscuring most of your shape underneath, which is great if you are pretending to be a flapper who hides her shape.

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