Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alumni gear on zulily

So these are pretty specific, and shockingly, there is no Bryn Mawr merch there (I know!), but if you want to display some team spirit you can get it at a discount.
Also, a lot of it is really ugly.

$14.99 Gray UCLA tank
This is VERY specific. I hope the woman who wears this is already dating 1 or more Bruins, otherwise it is incredibly limiting and I think she is going to have a hard time finding relationship success.

$17.99 Kansas clogs
Have you ever admired the clompy childish ugliness of crocs and thought, "Self, I should get a pair of those because I have no dignity and like people to see my feet through tiny holes. If only I could somehow make them look splotchy and dirty, too! Then that would seal the deal."?
Because if so, and if you are also a Kansas alum, have I got the crocs for you....

Let's not even start on the orange Miami ones.

$34.99 Clemson khaki capri
Can we all agree that khaki is the worst color to put on your bottom half?
And that capris are the most universally unflattering length for pants?
And that baggy capris are an abomination against god?
Well, let's just add some paw prints. That oughtta fix it.

$9.99 Missouri color daizie earrings
You know what really shows team spirit?
And what really says "I donate to my alumni fund?"
$10 ugly rhinestone flower earrings.
Ask anyone, it's true.

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