Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I ended up wearing to that 1920s party

Here we are!

BTW, E's mustache is real.
He had a bunch of scruff and then shaved it all down except for the stache.
Then he kept trying to kiss me but I was good at running away.
He said he was going to keep it until I came back from my next business trip, but in the morning he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and it was gone.

Anyway, I ended up finding this tiered lace shift at H&M for under $40.

I bought it in the biggest size they had so it would be a loose, short dress on me.
If I had gotten it in my size, it would have been scandalously too short to be a dress. But I guess they classify it as a dress on their site.
When I was at H&M I also saw an awesome drop waist green maxi dress on it with a digital photo print of an archway. It would have been great too.

I paired it with a fascinator I made out of feathers a few years ago when they were first popular, and white lace tights.
I had 3 long necklaces: pearls, green beads, and clear beads, and I wore all of them to add to the flapper look.
I also wore a loose fringed green paisley open cardigan that I got at the LN sale 2 years ago and haven't worn much.

You can't see my shoes, but I googled what women were wearing in the 1920s and it looked like high heeled mary janes and lace up ankle boots with heels and heeled spectators. I had heels that came close to looking like mary janes so I wore those.

I think the best part is the makeup, which I spent some time on.
I followed this youtube tutorial and put eyeliner and eyeshadow up to the insides of my eyebrows, and did the bow lip too.

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