Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frida Kahlo's Style

Frida Kahlo's clothing is now being exhibited at her home/now museum.
It looks really cool! I wish I was able to go to Mexico City to see it.
The clothes shown will be changed every 5 months to preserve them better and to rotate the collection, so you could go many times and see new things.

Check out this video:

The idea of showing what Kahlo wore to both showcase her nationality and hide her disabilities is really interesting.

Plus the clothes are just cool.

This is Kahlo painting her body cast.

From the linked article:
The intimate exhibition will feature 300 different items of clothing, headpieces, jewellery and corsetry. Many of the clothes which were locked up in trunks and wardrobes for so long still carry the scent of the late artist’s perfume and cigarette smoke or stains from painting. Entitled “Appearances can be Deceiving”, the exhibition importantly highlights the sadder, truer side to Kahlo’s flamboyant style.

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