Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zulily picks

Zulily is one of the many bargain sites out there where you subscribe and get exclusive deals.
Please use my link to join if you want to, because then I get credit!

Here are my picks from their current offerings:

 $75 Spanx one piece swimsuit (was $178)
I like the double straps and the slimming white lines down the front. Did you know Spanx made swimwear? I didn't.

$33 Spanx steely gray tank (was $62)
Looks like a normal top and you can wear it under a cardigan, but also can do double duty as a smoother under dresses or tight shirts where you don't want your bra straps or bulges in back showing.

$30 Spanx racerback sports bra (was $62)
A nicer shape than most sports bras, and can also be used under halter dresses.

$50 Spanx Haute Couture Vintage high waisted briefs (was $118)
The mesh stripes make this kind of cute, especially compared to most slimming underwear.

Today I also learned that Spanx makes men's compression tops and women's pregancy panty hose, both of which are also for sale at Zulily. Huh.

$11 Frigoverre refrigerator jug (was $29)
This is made to fit in the door of the fridge, which seems like a good idea to me.

$7.50 Frosted Frigoverre 25.5oz container (was $10)
Square shapes fit and stack best in the fridge and cabinets, so this is a great piece for storage. It comes in a bunch of other sizes too.

$38 Indoor Outdoor rug ]smallest size (was $100)
If you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space or patio, please decorate it well!
I like outdoor rugs and how homey and room-like they make things feel. A folding chair and end table are one thing, but a folding chair, end table and an outdoor rug is a designed space!

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