Monday, June 3, 2013

A purse that charges your phone

Everpurse is a company that makes clutches that hold your phone and whatever else, but while they are doing so, also charge your phone.

When you slip the phone into its slot in the bag, it will plug in to a battery within the case and can give you 2 full charges per day.

This is great for traveling. Sometimes when I fly, I land to a dead phone and have to wait for it to charge before doing anything, and this way the phone could be charging while I am on the plane.

They are unfortunately expensive, in my opinion.
If they were $100ish I would be all over it. But they are more like $200ish plus.
Also I don't have an iphone or Samsung Galaxy S III which is all they currently support.
I bet they will be coming out with more models soon though.

You can pre-order them since they aren't ready yet. I haven't seen them in person obviously.

Anyway, here is what they look like, they are 8.5 x 7":

$249 Everpurse Persimmon leather clutch
Simple design, with a wrist strap and zipper on top

$189 Everpurse Aquamarine fabric clutch
You can get this with a wrist strap or a cross-body strap.

$319 Everpurse Emerald Croc pattern leather clutch
Why is this one more than the other leather one? Who knows. Seems weird to me.

If you don't like the clutches, you can have them retrofit your purse with their technology for $600.

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