Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventures in Glycerin Part 2

(read part 1 here)

I ran out of nail polish remover!! Normally this would not be a cause for celebration, but since I bought that giganto container of glycerin, I've been waiting for an excuse to use more of it.

Apparently nail polish remover is made of acetone, glycerin, and dye. I have all those things available to me! And who needs dye, really.

I found this recipe and post on how to make a dupe of Zoya's moisturizing nail polish remover, and that was my guide. It has some cool science in it, so check it out.

I kept my empty nail polish bottle just for this reason, and assembled my (2) ingredients.

Here is my lineup: glycerin, empty nail polish remover bottle, acetone.
Doesn't it look like there is a halo on the acetone? It's angel acetone. And this project was clearly blessed.

Ok so I started by looking at my empty bottle to see how much it holds- it says 177 mL. That is important because my instructions said 1-2 TBS of glycerin for every 200 mL acetone.
So I measured 1.5 TBS and poured it in to the empty bottle, over the sink.

Then I poured acetone in to about the level where the top of the yellow circle is on the bottle. I am very glad I did this part over the sink because I spilled a TON.
I wanted to leave room for some water, since I learned that water is what helps glycerin mix fully with the acetone.

Here is the problem: my bottle was already kind of frosted and not totally clear and see through, so I can't actually tell if the ingredients are fully mixed.

After I put the acetone in, I shook the bottle (with the cap on but it still leaked- thank you sink) and tried to see if I could tell where the line of glycerin was on the bottom. I couldn't.
Well, experiments are experiments and nothing was going to blow up, so I just opened the top up again and put in about 1 tsp water for good luck.
Then I put the cap back on and shook again.

I think I did it!
I mean, it works as remover, so I at least didn't mess up the acetone to the point where it doesn't strip the polish off anymore.

But oh god, I still have so much glycerin left.
Every damn thing I try seems to only want a tablespoon or two at most of the stuff.
Should have bought a much smaller bottle.

If anyone has glycerin-related needs, please let me know and we can try to use this bottle up so I don't have so much stuff under the bathroom sink.

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