Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just my luck...

 these are sold out:

Cute Fashion Pure Color Rabbit Tail Design Short Pants
$6.66 Rabbit tail shorts

I guess that site doesn't know it's my birthday.
OR MAYBE they are sold out because all my friends bought them for me already and they are on their way to me.
Thanks, guys!!

One of the best features of these faux fur shorts is that they have an elastic waist (you thought I was going to say the tail, didn't you?).
That means you can never outgrow them!

But what to wear on top?
It is a hard item to match, for sure.
I think I've got it though:

Cute Spring Cartoon Rabbit Turn Collar  Blouse
$9.48 Rabbit print blouse

Business on top, party on the bottom! All rabbit all the time.
Because what matches rabbits? RABBITS.

PS- I would actually wear that shirt.

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