Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Garden benches for my new patio!!

Our new apartment has a very narrow balcony, which I am pretending is a real patio.

My new favorite hobby is thinking about what furniture and planters and other things I can put out there (rock speakers, anyone?) to make it a fun place where I will want to spend a lot of time.

Let's go bench shopping!
There are a few things that appeal to me:
-Not having to move it indoors for winter (where would we even put it?)
-Narrowness (can't be deep like an adirondack chair because it wouldn't fit)

Here are my picks from Amazon:

Size: 51L x 23.5W x 36H in.
Durable red shorea (red lauan) wood

This bench looks nice and elegant and the seat flips up and you can store things underneath. I'd put a cushion and some gardening tools under there, probably.

$174 Acacia wood bench with 3 drawers
 40 in. W x 17 in. L x 36 in. H
Made of Acacia hardwood
 Very rectangular, which might be a little too straight for me. I do like the pull out drawers underneath, though, and it is cheaper than most others.

$199 Resin wicker storage bench
woven resin over a solid steel frame

This looks smaller and has no back, which might be a good space saver for my narrow balcony. It has 2 drawers that pull out. Looks like it does not come with a cushion, so that kinda sucks. Also the dimensions aren't in the description :(

$149 White rocking bench
Measures 45-inch width by 35-inch height by 45 depth
Made of metal material, easy to assemble 

Not sure if I am up for ANY assembly, even if it is easy. I like the delicate look of this bench, though I'd probably add a butt cushion. Might be too deep for my balcony.

$180 Eucalyptus White rocking bench
48.8""W x 44.5""H x 28.7""D
Acacia hardwood

This is a wooden version of the rocking bench that looks taller. Not sure if I like this better than the first.

$189 wood glider bench
46.5 x 26.8 x 35.5 inches
Made out of acacia hardwood

This one also includes some assembly (I hope just to put the glider thing on).
Wouldn't it be nice to glide outside? RHYME.

 43-inch by 17-inch by 36-inch
Made of metal
This is what I think a nice botanic garden should have. It would probably need a cushion to be comfortable.

Which do you like best?

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