Monday, May 20, 2013

Custom made lipstick at Bite Beauty pop up in NYC

I want this!

Bite Beauty is an all natural company from Toronto.

Here is the post about it from Racked:
Image via Bite Beauty
Finding the right lipstick can be tough: color, texture, wearability... it's kind of a headache, really. Because we live in the age of neo-bespoke, you can now make your own custom lipstick. All-natural lip care brand Bite Beauty has launched a Lip Lab in Soho, replete with a lipstick laboratory. Previously, the brand has been exclusive to Sephora since their March 2011 launch.
At the new pop up, staff will help you build a custom lipstick creation. You'll start by blending a personalized pigment, then select a matte or sheer finish. You can even drop in a flavor, if you so choose (cherry, mint, or berry, for the record). With their lipstick machine—woah, science—you'll mix, pour, paint, and mold your custom 'stick in just ten minutes. No appointment necessary, just stop by the 174 Prince Street storefront anytime from Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 7pm. In fall, the pop up will be converted to a permanent store, which means custom lipsticks forever.


Here is the post about their first store

It looks like the lipsticks at Sephora are $24 each.

Bite Beauty - Luminous Crème Lipstick
I wonder how much the custom ones will be at the pop up!

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