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Birdcage veils under $100

The tradition of wearing a bridal veil at a wedding is kind of weird and hearkens back to ancient times when

Nowadays, people wear more symbolic than actual face covering veils, and the modern style is trending towards shorter veils or just headbands or fascinators instead of full length long veils.

I think I am going to make my own veil out of extra pieces from my dress that we cut off in fittings. But I need inspiration and maybe a base to start with.

One thing to think about when choosing your veil is what kind of hair style you want to have. The veil should accent it and work with it, instead of against it. You wouldn't want to cover a complicated hairstyle with a long veil or have nothing to clip the veil in to with straight hair worn down.
I have no idea how I am going to wear my hair at the wedding but I think it will be up somehow so it is out of my face and not too hot. I'm taking suggestions if anyone has them!

I like the birdcage or blusher style of veil with netting and a little embellishment, here are a few examples of that:

Everything But The Wedding Dress,
$28.75 Birdcage veil with flower VS 7021
This is reasonably priced and not too huge. The veil comes down to the cheekbones but doesn't cover the nose or mouth.

French Netting Bandeau Bridal Veil with Vintage Lace
$99 Handmade bandeau veil with french lace
A bandeau veil is a variation on a birdcage that is more like a very wide headband that covers some of your face too. Terrible description. You're welcome.

Everything But The Wedding Dress,
$19 plain Birdcage veil with beaded bottom VS 7038
This has a smaller mesh than what is normally seen in a birdcage veil. It also has a scalloped bottom edge with beading on it, which I think is nice.
It would probably be a good base for adding your own decorations if you wanted to DIY a little and make it match your colors or dress without starting totally from scratch.

You can get as crazy as you want to with veils, in terms of both style and price.
I saw some outrageously expensive ones on Etsy that I won't link to, and found some good options too:

Bridal ivory birdcage veil with Swarovski pearls and crystals, beaded wedding veil, bridal birdcage headband
$45 Birdcage veil headband with pearls
This is a nice understated and minimalist take on a veil.

Champagne Birdcage Veil-Gold and Champagne Bridal Fascinator-Wedding Headpiece-Plum and Red Also Available
$68 Chamnpagne birdcage veil with flowers
I love how the flowers match this model's hair color. The mix of flowers and sparkle is well done and not over the top.

Birdcage Veil and a Bridal Hair Comb (2 Items)  Rhinestone Bridal Hair Comb, Weddings, Silver, Rinestone
$69 Veil and rhinestone comb
This is a nice example of how easy it can be to put two pieces together (the comb and the veil) to make a finished look. You don't really have to buy something that is pre-made or all one unit.

Wedding Day Bridal Scalloped Rhinestone Beaded Birdcage Veil
$50 Scalloped lace birdcage veil
Let's not look at the trashy makeup and hair on this model and instead focus on the veil and how interesting it can be to have lace on your face (RHYME)

Lace BIRDCAGE VEIL, Vintage Style Birdcage Veil. Bridal FASCINATOR.
$72 Vintage lace bridal veil
I like the little floral ribbons on this bandeau style veil. I think it looks casual and relaxed and a little hippie-ish.

Bandeau Birdcage Blusher Veil with Lace, Bridal Birdcage Veil by VelvetTeacup
$36 Bandeau birdcage veil with lace
This wide netting paired with one lace embellishment is simple and pretty.

Bridal Veil--Blusher in Tulle and Vintage Lace
$55 Bridal blusher with lace
You have to be careful in your lace placement though otherwise it can look like you sneezed it out.

Gatsby Style Bridal Wedding Veil French Net Cage Blusher with Lace Accent
$49 Bridal lace and birdcage veil
This one is very nicely positioned and the lace is really pretty.

BRIDAL VEIL  flower Beaded Lace Wedding Veil, Tulle Birdcage Veil, veil tulle, Short Veil ,Blusher Veil,Blusher Birdcage Veil
$100 Bridal veil flower blusher
This is a good design too. I guess I like the ones with one prominent lace piece on the veil.

Lace Birdcage Veil / Vintage Inspired Veil. Eloise
$58 Eloise Vintage inspired lace birdcage veil
On this veil, the lace travels back beyond the veil into the hair which I think is a nice effect and I might try to copy if I can.

Bridal Birdcage Veil Blusher with Alencon Lace, Bead, and Sequin Fascinator - "Marcia"
$60 Marcia Alencon lace veil
Similar to the one above, but with a different style of lace.

Vintage-inspired double layered birdcage veil with lace, pearl beading, french veiling and tulle
$70 Double layer lace blusher veil
I like the mesh over the birdcage fabric on this veil, it gives a nice hazy effect.

White Wedding Flower Headband with Birdcage Veil (Detachable), Hair Accessory, Fascinator, feathers and crystals
$66 White flower headband with detachable veil
I like the flowers and the pearl spray that the seller has attached to the lace and veil.

Birdcage Veil, Bird Cage Veil, Lace Bandeau Veil with pearls, French Netting Veil, Retro, Vintage Style Veil, ivory, white
$86 French netting and pearls bandeau veil
A good example of how nice and clean looking it can be if you cut around your lace embellishment instead of keeping the tulle.

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