Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review of Fergie for Wet n WIld nail polish

A friend of mine just gave me some of the new line that Fergie did for Wet n Wild, and I have to say I am not very impressed so far.

The first item I tried was the Hollywood Walk of Fame nail polish.
It is a clear polish with tons of star confetti in it. The stars are gold, silver, red, light blue, and light purple.
There are also some little strips of silver glitter as well.

I applied this polish over the light purple coat of Essie's French Affair that I was already wearing.
Application was ROUGH.
Most flakies and larger glitters can be uneven and difficult to apply, but this was worse than most.
I had a terrible time trying to get the stars off the brush (and out of the brush--the points embedded themselves into the hairs and a star would just get buried in the middle).
The clear polish matrix was an ok thickness, but I ended up having to put a ton of polish on in the attempts to get the stars on my nails.

The technique I use with this type of polish is to:
  1. For the first few strokes, don't worry about the glitter, just get a good polish base on your nail so the glitter will adhere later
  2. Isolate some stars and try to maneuver them to the tip or side of the brush
  3. Place the star on the nail by gently touching it down and then lightly rolling the brush off of it
But the stars were really uncooperative and didn't like coming off the brush. I had to really work to get them onto my nail, and then once they were on I had to try to remove some of the gross pools of excess polish that were getting everywhere.

I did eventually get a star or two on each nail, but it was not a fun process.

On the plus side, the clear polish did dry more quickly than I was expecting it to.
Also, the colors of the stars are nice.

Now I've had the polish on for a day and the stars are already coming up at the points and flaking off.
My nails are unpleasant to touch because of the little pointy star tips sticking out.

In this picture you can see the points of some stars coming up.

I think the main problem with this nailpolish is that the stars are just too big. If they were smaller, maybe they could be covered better by polish and not stick out.
They might also be easier to get off the brush in the first place.

I'm so annoyed with this polish that it is going in my pile of giveaways.
I won't be using it again.

Verdict? DON'T BUY

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