Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great Online Store: is a site where you can shop for handmade crafts that are a little more polished than the average Etsy fare.

They organize their products by "Makers" or by occasion so it's easy to follow a particular craftsman if you want.

I've also been seeing a lot of mass produced stuff being sold on Etsy recently and passed off as handmade, which annoys me. The items on are for real.

The categories that Brika features are jewelry, home, art, paper goods, accessories, and children's products.

My picks:

Large Tribal Cutting Board (More Colors)
$38 Large tribal cutting board by Richwood creations
This pretty patterned cutting board is laser engraved and comes in either cherry or walnut.
I wonder how deep the engraving is and if it would be hard to clean. It would be such a nice cheese board.

Grey Bunnies Organic Cotton Scarf
$38 Gray bunnies scarf by Foxy &Winston
Made of organic cotton. This scarf also comes with purple bunnies.
The print is also used on aprons and a cushion cover. I like the scarf and cushion cover the best. Feel free to buy me a few.

$150 Bone medium landscape clutch by Arc of LA
This clutch is made of leather with a block print stamped on it.

Mates for Life Poster
$28 Mate for Life print
A poster of animals that mate for life like the barn owl and the coyote, and I think it would make a great wedding gift.
There are other great prints, like animals of the alphabet and some simple drawings of cars and buses, which would be good for kids' rooms.

Mismatched Star Cutout Earrings
$130 mismatched star cutout earrings
These are fun! I like things that almost match, like the designs on Camper shoes.

Carved Australian Aboriginal II Necklace
$56 Carved Australian Aboriginal II necklace
 The colors and shape of this necklace are unusual. When I first looked at it I thought it looked childish, but my eye kept coming back to it and I think it is really interesting.

Gold Dipped Leaf Necklace
$84 Gold dipped leaf necklace
The combination of the geometric shapes and the organic branching is very nice.

Flying Orcas Journals
$15 Flying orcas journal
The interior pages have drawings of orcas on them too.

Chevron Diaper Clutch + 2 Burp Cloths
$30 Chevron diaper clutch and 2 burp cloths
These look more mature than a lot of the baby stuff out there.

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