Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gray sectional sofas for my new apartment

One of the things I most want when we move is a new couch.
I wanted one when we moved into this current place together, but it was so much cheaper to recover E's Ikea couch, especially since the cats were going to destroy it anyway.

The slipcover is fine, but the couch isn't super comfortable and the cushions move around all the time. We are constantly kicking them back into place with our knees.

Also, I we eat on the couch all the time and I will admit, I spill pretty often.
So the white covers, while washable, don't look the cleanest.

I really would like a slate gray couch. And maybe even a sectional.
I don't like super modern flat boxy designs. I like clean lines but I like comfortable plush pillows instead of minimalist couches.

Here are some I like:

PB Comfort Roll Arm Slipcovered Left 3-Piece Wedge Sectional, Box Cushion, Down-Blend Wrap Cushions, Twill Metal Gray
$3,699 PB Comfort roll arm left sectional
Twill in metal gray, knife edge pillows with down blend cover
118" w x 87.5" d x 42" d x 39" h
MMMmmm down

$2,799 Crate and Barrel Klyne 3 piece sectional in Slate
Left Arm Apartment Sofa, Corner, Right Arm Apartment Sofa
I like the dark color of this one and the little leggies

This one might be a little too modern for me. The legs look too small for the bulky seats.

96"w x 72"d x 27"h. 
If you special order this in another fabric (it usually comes in velvet) like the basket weave which I prefer, cotton weave, or pebble weave, then it is $2,047.

106"w x 73"d x 37"h. 
This is the tossback fabrication which means the short L part of the sectional has a low back.  The other kind is the box cushion.
Not sure what I prefer. But I do like down!

Metro 140" Sofa with Right-Arm Angled Chaise in Charcoal
The angled part reminds me of the chair and a half concept which I like, and takes up less room than a full L.

Orson 111x111" Three-Piece Sectional in Cement
This looks sturdy and comfortable.

H 29" W 117" Seat H 16"
Why so expensive? I don't know. Not sure it is worth 2-4x the others.

Wright Sectional
99W x 105L
Another super pricey one but it sounds like the cushions are made of angel wings "the latest “ultra-lux” technology— highest quality foam layered over inner springs and wrapped in down—for luscious cushions that will hold a pristine shape for years to come"


  1. Ha, another perfect post since I am looking for the same thing. We should probably just move in together.

    1. Good plan! When are you guys moving to NYC?


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