Monday, September 10, 2012

New Mouse for a New Job

I'm working from home now!!!
Very exciting.
Part of working from home is of course setting up a home office.
Most of the home office supplies and electronics I get will not be my choice, since the company is nicely providing me with a laptop and monitor and scanner, but I just bought a shiny (and yes I mean shiny) new mouse to go with the new setup.

My work and my time are worth their weight in gold (What? That doesn't really work here. Shut up.), so I got myself a gold bar mouse:

$4.99 (on sale) Gold Bar Mouse from Urban Outfitters

The website says it's no longer available but I saw 3 when I got mine in the sale section at the West Village Urban outfitters. I bet you can find one if you want at a local store.

Can you see how the mouse is imprinted with the gold markings?
Also, the cord is gold too.


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