Monday, September 24, 2012

State-shaped cast iron pans

$150 (Rhode Island)- $2,500 (Texas) Cast iron pans in the shape of states (plus shipping)

Thanks to Kate for the link!

So these are what they look like--pans shaped like each one of the United States.

Would you want a state skillet?
Would you want one in the shape of your current state, your home state, or your favorite vacation state?
My home state, Massachusetts ($250), wouldn't be very practical to cook anything in because it is small and narrow and weird.
What if you are from one of the square states? Wouldn't it be a stretch to pretend that they made it just for you? I mean, I see that the handles are offset and angled, but still.

I think these are really cool to look at, but I probably wouldn't get one.
There are some people I can think of who have a lot of state pride and would probably love to cook steaks in the oven on that big Texas pan, but I don't think that's the norm.

You can order them "raw" or pre-seasoned for an extra $30.

Each pan comes with a magnetic display hanger, so I guess they might be meant more for art than use.

I guess they could be fun to bake and serve something like spinach and artichoke dip.

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