Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Online Store: Art Akimbo

Art Akimbo is an etsy shop featuring functional art pieces for your home.
They are brightly colored plastic and based on natural, if cartoonish, images.

Here is what they say about themselves:
Modern products for modern people, made the old fashioned way - by worms and elves. All of our plastic is carefully selected from sustainable artisanal plastics farming collectives in the better regions of this and other, better countries.Here at ArtAkimbo we form the raw materials into loaves and bake them, slice them, grind them, and slap them around until they become eyeglass stands or tentacles or something, and then we box 'em up and send them out to people just like you. Except, of course, not quite so good-looking.

My picks:
I especially like the tentacles.

$110 Small wall tentacle with splash
The small tentacle is about 9" long, but they can make you a huge one instead if you want.

Here are the sizes they offer:

The medium ones go for about $375 and the gigantic one is $3,500.
But what a statement piece!

$225 Albino medium wall tentacle
I love this white one, looks like modern art. I think this is the blank they use before they paint it and add the splash.

$40 Pink mustache eyeglass stand
This is the nose and mouth stand and you can put your glasses on it so you don't lose or break them. Very clever.
There are all kinds of mustache types and colors on the site that you can choose from.

$45 Wall mounted mustache key holder
You can also get a wall-mounted version to store your glasses and keys so you can remember them on your way out!

$40 Framed rubber lips
This reminds me of those "real dolls" but brings that concept to a more surreal and bizarre level.
You get the lips in a wooden frame (4" wide) and you can put pencils, cigarettes, or other small things in them if you want.
Or just leave them plain.
You can also get a nose.

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  1. I bought two of the nose/mustache eyeglass holders. Love 'em.


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