Thursday, September 27, 2012

A few of my favorite things: Mifi

Maybe I am more of a gadget person than I thought.
Probably some of my friends just read that and went "duh," but even though I work in software and have some electronics, I don't consider myself to be the kind of person who rushes out to buy the latest thing.

But more and more of my favorite things are gadgets.

The latest is my mifi.
For the uninitiated, it is a personal wireless hotspot that you can carry around with you and create your own internet wherever you go.

Verizon mifi that I have

My Droid smartphone could do this, and so can the iPhone (both for an additional cost or at the price of "tethering" which means you can't use your phone while it is being the internet).

But the mifi is soooooooo much better. Like, worlds better.
It's fast, its range is good, and you can use a bunch of devices on the wifi at once (2 computers and an ipad and 2 phones, for example).

Work bought me mine, and I am not sure if it would be cost-effective for someone who doesn't travel a lot and need internet with them, but for me it is great.

I love being able to go anywhere and know that I have good reliable internet.
Low budget hotels tend to offer internet free in the rooms, but for some reason nice hotels charge you a buttload for it. PLUS they tend to charge you for each device, so if you want to use a computer and an ipad you would have to pay double. Which is total BS. Especially if you know how wireless works.
But now, I don't care about any of that because I never have to use it and can just use my mifi.

You can get mifis through several companies, and it probably makes sense to get whichever one your phone service is through.
When you buy one, you pay for the device and a monthly data plan, so it's kind of like a cell phone. They aren't cheap, I think the cheapest plans are like $30/month, and that is on top of your cell phone bill.
But they are totally cool.

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