Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poppin for brightly colored desk accessories

Thanks to Refinery29, when you follow this link,  you get $60 worth of stuff for only $35 for the next 4 days at Poppin, a fun office supplies store.

One fun thing about the site is that you can shop by color instead of just by type or function. So you can click the yellow tab and everything yellow shows up.

Here are my picks:
$12 pink tape dispenser
 Of course, this comes in a million other colors, as do all of the items on the site.

$7 Aqua ruler
I like how big the numbers are

$5 Orange map tacks
These only seem to come in white or orange right now, and I think they are cuter and more fun than push pins.

$30 Green cable case
This helps you organize all your cables so they aren't a giant mess on your desk and don't knock everything over when you move something. I need this very much. It includes a surge protector with 4 sockets and twist ties to keep the cables in.

$14 Red softcover folio
This is a great way to keep your papers clean and unrumpled when you travel. I usually end up sticking all my papers in the laptop bag and they get all messed up.

$4 Medium notebook in SnoconeSo bright and cute, you might not mind taking notes.

$100 Design A Desk set
You can also get a whole set in various color schemes for $100.

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