Monday, August 20, 2012

What do you think of designer kids clothes?

This article highlights some parents who buy their children the latest designer fashions, costing hundreds of dollars.

What do you think about pricey kids clothes?
I don't have any kids but I am pretty sure that when and if I do, they are not going to be wearing Lanvin dresses. Hell, I don't even wear those things.
But honestly I would not even buy kids the designers I can afford and wear.
It seems like such a waste to spend a lot on something they will outgrow so quickly and probably barf or crap on depending on their age.

My view of designer pieces is that they are ok when they are investments in something you will get a lot of use out of and have for a long time.
I wouldn't buy a trendy neon designer top because who knows how long neon will be in?
I wouldn't really even buy a designer gown since I wear them so infrequently and the cost per wear would be so great.
Designer bags or work outfits or shoes are what I would invest in.

Buying designer items for kids totally goes against my system for what o spend money on.

Plus, if your kid was wearing $300 pants, wouldn't yoube worried the whole time she was playing outside with her friends that she was going to rip or stain them?

I would rather have my imaginary kids focus on other things than fashion, even as much as I like it.

While it is true that clothes telegraph messages about who you are and how you want to be perceived, the primary purpose of clothing is to protect your body from the elements. Let's not forget that. You don't need expensive skirts to do that.
And if it is true that what you wear reflects something about you, do you really want your kids to be known or their fancy clothes instead of their personalities or even their own senses of style from the outfits they choose to put together?

Special occasions like a family wedding or the first day of school or a birthday or something might be a time to spend a little more, but there are ways to find a fancy new outfit and feel like you are dressing up without buying a super expensive designer piece.

Two thumbs down for me.


  1. Two thumbs down for me too! What a waste of cash. Carters stuff is so cute (so is Target stuff), I don't know why anyone would spend more.

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