Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun kitchen items from ThinkGeek

$12.99 Equal measure cup
"Laboratory-grade borosilicate glass with the standard ounce and milliliter graduation-marks, but if you look closer - you'll find marks for "volume of half a human brain," and "water in a cumulus cloud the size of a bus."
Holds 20 ounces, or as many grains of flour as there are people on Earth "

$14.99 Splash of milk bowl
This is silicone and not porcelain like I at first thought (and hoped), but I guess that means it is safer for kids

$15.99 Bacon candle
Wake your household up with the smell of bacon, and when they get into the kitchen surprise them with a bowl of kale instead :(

$19.99 Mushroom growing kit
Guys, this is getting ridiculous. I have posted mushroom kits and cheese kits a bunch of times now and STILL no one has gotten me one. Get on top of this.

$24.99 Personal pie kit
This comes with the lollipop sticks and the display and pan to cook the pies in. You make them yourself though, which I guess could be fun but I kind of just want a pie already.

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