Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back on track, and at camp

Sorry for the unexplained hiatus there, I was switching jobs and taking some time off!
But now I am back (sort of, I am lining up posts for you to see while I am off at camp in Maine).

Speaking of which, you should know about this awesome camp for disadvantaged girls that I volunteer at every year.
I'll copy and paste bc I am lazy:

"The Main Idea is an extraordinary and distinctive 10-day camp experience for girls, ages 9-14, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend summer camp.

Sharing the same idyllic setting as
Camp Walden in Denmark, Maine, The Main Idea provides a closely knit, family oriented camp environment which allows each girl the opportunity to fully develop her own personality and skills.

The closeness, friendships, and bonds that develop among campers of different age groups, counselors, and staff are all ingredients in The Main Idea's special mix of warmth and spirit.

Although the girls are together for only 10 days, many of the friendships formed continue to grow long after their magical summer experience has ended."

Also, you can donate!
$1,500 sends a girl to camp
$500 buys t-shirts for all Main Idea campers
$150 pays for a campground for one night
$40 buys a camper a sleeping bag
Or you can give whatever you feel like! Anything helps us keep the program going.

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