Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Horrifying: Snails on your face on purpose

Thanks, Japan, for another disgusting beauty treatment that grosses me out beyond belief.

This time, it is a facial consisting of snails crawling all over you and leaving their slime on your skin.


Get ready, here is a picture:

Terrible. Oh but don't worry, the snails are organic. 

So the snail mucus is supposed to be a miracle ingredient that does....???
Apparently, it can "help skin retain moisture, reduce inflammation and remove dead skin."

The best quote of the article is this:
"This salon is the only place in Japan where you can try a live snail facial," said Yoko Minami, sales manager at Clinical Salon, the flagship outlet of Ci:z.Labo, a nationwide spa operator and affiliate of Japan's biggest medical cosmetics company.

The only place in Japan....As if there are so many places outside of Japan to get a live snail facial? Or as if there are so many people clamoring for snail snot that it's astounding that there is only one establishment to serve the hordes?

If you thought you only get the snails crawling on your face then you can get up and go, oh how wrong you are. Here is what comes next:
This is followed by a series of massages, masks and electrical pulse machines using creams infused with snail mucus to ensure that the live secretions fully penetrate the skin.
Creams infused with snail mucus is definitely not one of those PR phrases they teach you in school. I wonder why.

What does it feel like? Here is the most truthful quote of the entire article:
There is little in life more unsettling than spying the rearing tentacles of an approaching snail on your cheek out of the corner of your eye.

So, what would you pay for this treatment?
Or, what would you pay NOT to have to get this treatment?
Either way, it is about $244.
Save up.

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