Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some bunny items from UO

I found these cute bunny themed objects at Urban Outfitters and I'm not going to get them since I don't want my house to turn into some weird bunny museum or a crazy hoarder collection of rabbits, but I do think they are cute:

Woodland Twilights LED Nightlight
$12 Woodland creature LED nightlight
You get 1 porcelain creature but they don't let you select which one you want, it's just a surprise :(
You might get a rabbit, bird, squirrel, or porcupine. I think they are all pretty cute, but of course I would want to be guaranteed to get a bun.
This would be a great illumination for a bathroom at night.
Probably not as great for a kid's room since porcelain is breakable and not very playable-with.

Bunny Canister
$9.99 Bunny Cannister
I'd definitely think twice about getting that piece of candy or whatever if I had to decapitate a bunny to do it.
They should sell it as a weight loss container.

Love Bunnies Ring Holder
$12 Rabbit ears ring holder
We were thinking of having Senator actually be the ring bearer at our wedding, and using his ears like this, but he isn't so good with travel or crowds or doing what he is supposed to do, so we are going to skip that.
It is cute though. And I like the bunny with one ear up and one ear down.

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