Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cheap outdoor light strands from Target

For our patio, Ethan wanted strings of lights.
I generally think christmas lights are tacky, but I am trying to find some that pass my class test and also are cheap.

 Here is what I found so far:

$13 Room Essentials globe lights 
25 feet with 25 bulbs
fragile glass bulbs that people say break if you don't remove them before hanging
yellow light
There is also a frosted bulb variation

$24.99 Threshold solar light strings
These are protected by little metal cages so they are more durable, and don't need an outlet to work.
14 feet, 20 glass bulbs

$20 Threshold globe solar string lights
129 feet, 30 bulbs (3 ft apart)
These have plastic bulbs and are really long but get bad reviews.

$22 LED string with timer warm white
10 feet,
Are the lights just little blobs in the string? Not sure if I like that.

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