Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two map print men's shirts from UO

I wandered into Urban Outfitters recently and saw these two men's shirts which I really liked!

Since E has a bunch of shirts already and the move has made us both not want to acquire anything, I didn't get him either. But they are so cute! Maybe you can get them.

Also they are both on sale and under $20, so that is nice.

NYC Subway Line Tee
$14.99 NYC Subway Line Tee (was $28)
Online there is only size S left, but in person in the store on 14th and 6th ave there were plenty of other sizes to be had.
This tee was super super soft to touch.

Hawkings McGill Montauk Short-sleeve Shirt
$14.99 Hawkings McGill Montauk shirt (was $44)
This is a lightweight button down with tiles of a map of Montauk on it.
I like the black and white with little touches of red color scheme.

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