Monday, July 15, 2013

MIdcentury modern rocking chair

In our new bedroom, E and I would like a comfortable chair that he can sit in when he wakes up in the morning way too early, or that I can read in when he goes to bed.

 $180 Midcentury arm chair with ash wood sleighs

This chair on Amazon caught my eye for its sleek modern design and its black and white colors, which would go nicely with our gray themed apartment.

I also like that it looks like it is skiing.

A rocking chair would be kind of fun, I think.
There are other chairs like this on Amazon, but most of them are molded plastic instead of this which is padded and looks more comfortable.

The light wood rockers would also match our new light wood floors pretty well.
I am worried about the bunny chewing them up, though. You should see what he did to one of the legs of my light wood folding table.

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