Friday, July 19, 2013

A couch I am thinking of buying

As you might remember, I am on the hunt for a gray sectional for our new living room.
I've been checking Craiglist just to see what is out there, and I actually found one I like!
E likes it too. It's still really expensive but if it is going to be our couch for a long time, it might be worth it. And of course since it is 2 years old already, it is way cheaper than it was originally.

Here's the pic:

It is the Room and Board Hayes sectional sofa with 2 end pieces and one angled middle piece.

So basically this but with another end piece/corner on the angle chaise side:

$6kish? Room and Board Hayes sectional

The 3 piece sectional is officially $5,197 and the two piece shown here is $4,198. I am not sure what the two piece plus one more piece would end up as, but I am guessing about $6,000.

In the Craigslist ad the owners say they paid over $7k originally. Not sure if that is true but probably close.

They want $3,000 for it in the used condition, which is still a lot but half off.

I'm concerned that it will be very large in our apartment, but I guess we could just get a smaller coffee table.

I like the idea of having one end and the chaise on one side of the room and having the other side facing in, below the tv (once that is mounted on the wall) so our living room will be arranged so that people can talk to each other.

What do you think, should I do it?

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