Friday, February 15, 2013

Word to the Wise: Kai D. Sample Sale

Men of NYC: Kai D. is a MUST visit!!!

I went today with E and we got a ton of stuff. Seriously. It felt like a ton. I had to carry it all home by myself.

Anyway, Kai D. is a Korean designer whose Chelsea shop is moving to Williamsburg.
Before the move, they are lightening their load of merch and we get awesome deals.

When I was there, Kai himself came out to talk to me and tell me about his clothes.
They are all so impeccably made, with cool linings and details.
He said that they are going to narrow the focus of the line and concentrate more on shirts, jackets, and ties.

That means this might be the last chance to get his super soft tee shirts and fine wool pants.

Here is Racked's info on it:
Deal: Deep discounts on men's clothing. Tees are $5 and $10, design archive samples and dress shirts are up to $20, work shirts are $20 to $30, knit shirts are $20, and jackets are $50 to $75. There will also be two bins of miscellaneous garments that are free.
When/Where: Wednesday, February 6 through Friday, February 22. Mon—Fri 9am—6pm, Sat—Sun 12pm—5pm. 161 W. 22nd St between Sixth and Seventh Aves. Ring buzzer for ThinCtank 3F to be let in (646-861-2878)
Here were the prices at the sale:

$30 button down shirts
$20 knits
$10 tees
$50 blazers
$75 short coats
$150 long coats

Some of the items which are full price on the website right now are marked down at the sample sale.

I saw these:

Crombie Coat
Kai D. Crombie coat was $495, sale $150

New Bond Street Jacket 
Kai D. New Bond St coat was $250, sale $75

Euston Jacket
Kai D. Euston jacket was $205, sale $50

E got this one! He loves the plaid and the asymmetric pockets and the leather elbow patches.

Linus Shirt
Kai D, Utility shirt was $255, sale $30

Morris Work Shirt in Felt
Kai D. Morris work shirt was $155, sale $30

Lawrence Knit Cardigan
Kai D. Lawrence fine wool cardigan was $105, sale $20
I almost bought this for myself, but the sleeves were just a little too long.

They were also selling vintage pieces that they use as inspiration like an old military canvas coat and a vintage Schott leather jacket ($50!), as well as some tees and button downs.


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