Thursday, February 21, 2013

iPad toilet paper holder

Boxshot: Pedestal Stand with Roll Holder for iPad by CTA Digital

$49.99 Pedestal stand with roll holder for iPad   

Well, World, this is what we've come to. I hope you're proud.

This iPad toilet paper roll stand is being sold by GameStop so I guess the idea is that you don't have to pause for a "bio break" when you are playing "BioShock."

OOOHH good one, Rebecca!

This is something that I bet we will be seeing in hotels soon.
First it was the Bose alarm clock that you can plug your iphone into, and now it's the toilet stand you can plug your ipad into.
Maybe you can even order room service to the bathroom from it.
When you think about it, why move....ever?

If you are too lazy to hold your ipad on your lap in the bathroom, you're welcome for showing you this crucial advance in technology.

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