Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I went to the Limited sample sale and all I got was... Ok I got a bunch

Remember that Limited Sample Sale last week?
Well this one was not as enormous as in the past and even though I got there around lunchtime on the first day, things were mostly gone!

And, like I predicted in that post, I had to battle it out with a bunch of middle aged Asian ladies for the remainders.

In sales past, as I call them "the glory days," there were tops and dresses and pants and skirts galore. Mostly in size 6 and 8. It was amazing. There were even some wedding dresses!
And tons of work staples.

This time, I mostly saw Eloquii stuff (their plus size label) and lots of damaged pieces.

I hung around the bins, waiting for cast-offs from the ladies deciding what they were not going to take.
It did pay off, I snagged a few fun pieces, but I had to toss back most for being cut/damaged.

Here is what I ended up with all folded on my bed

From left to right:
-white lace dress $5
-gold and brown drapey sweater $5
-light blue skinny jeans $5
-red velvet wide leg pants $5
-cobalt blue work pants $5
-orange printed maxi dress $5

And some things for my sister:
-white lacey 3/4 sleeve top $5
-dark skinny jeans with orange racing stripe $5
-black jumpsuit $5
-striped blue and white tee $5
-black sequin tee $5

Total $55
Not bad!

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